Corona virus(COVID-19) | People with vitamin D deficiency should be careful

 Coronavirus(COVID-19) | People With Vitamin D Deficiency Should Be Careful

New Research On The Coronavirus Continues, With A Recent Study Finding That People With Low Levels Of Vitamin D May Be More Susceptible To The Coronavirus.

Research From The Boston University School Of Medicine In The United States Has Shown That Healthy Levels Of Vitamin D Can Reduce The Risk Of Various Complications In Patients With Codeine 19, Including Cytokine Stroma. Vitamin D Is Naturally Formed In The Skin From Sunlight But Can Also Be Obtained Through Certain Foods And Supplements.
Corona virus(COVID-19) | People with vitamin D deficiency should be careful
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Dr. Lane Horowitz Of New York’s Leonix Hill Hospital Says A Number Of Research Reports Suggest That Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To The Worst Outcomes In Cod 19 Patients.

It’s Not Surprising Because Vitamin D Helps The Immune System,” He Said.

The Study Analyzed Blood Samples From 253 Patients Being Treated In Code 19 Hospitals, Including The Number Of Reactive Proteins That Cause Inflammation And The Number Of Lymphocytes, A Type Of Immune-fighting Cell.
Research Has Not Proven Its Cause And Effect, But It Did Find That Patients With Adequate Vitamin D Levels Had A Significantly Higher Risk Of Serious Complications From Cod 19, Including Hypoxia And Death. Is Less
The Study Found That Patients Over The Age Of 40 With High Levels Of Vitamin D Had A 51.5% Lower Risk Of Dying From Codeine 19 Than Those With Vitamin D Deficiency.

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