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Book Name Book Name Download Link
Cs-001 Computer Proficiency License Download
Cs-101 Introduction to Computing Download
Cs-201 Interoduction to Programming Download
Cs-301 Data Structures Download
Cs-401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming Download
Cs-402 Theory of Automata  Download
Cs-302 Digital Logic Design  Download
Cs-304 Object Oriented Programming  Download
Cs-501 Advance Computer Architecture Download
Cs-502 Fundamentals of Algorithms Download
Cs-504 Software Engineering – I Download
Cs-506 Web Design and Development Download
Cs-508 Modern Programming Languages Download
Cs-601 Data Communication Download
Cs-602 Computer Graphics Download
Cs-604 Operating Systems Download
Cs-605 Software Engineering – II Download
Cs-606 Compiler Construction Download
Cs-607 Artificial Intelligence Download
Cs-609 System Programming Download
Cs-610 Computer Network Download
Cs-614 Data Warehousing Download
MTH-101 Calculus And Analytical Geometry Download
MTH-302 Business Mathematics & Statistics Download