New terrible revelation about COVID19

New terrible revelation about COVID19

A new revelation about COVID19 

Scientists have discovered that pneumonia in coronary cardiovascular disease is extremely different from other sorts of pneumonia that spreads rapidly over an oversized area of ​​the lungs.

According to research published within the medical journal Nature, pneumonia in corona patients is different from other forms of pneumonia, which is caused by bacteria or viruses. Control soon.

The US study found that samples from corona patients were controlled with antibiotics or the body’s system some days after the onset of the disease.

This type of pneumonia in patients is split into several small parts. in step with research, pneumonia hijacks the immune cells of the lungs and spreads them to the lungs for several weeks, and because the disease slowly spreads to the lungs, it continues to break the lungs.

Which substance within the shape affects the severity of corona?

Later, corona patients develop persistent fever, low force per unit area, and damage to the kidneys, brain, heart, and other organs. it’s believed that this can be the primary research within which scientists systematically observed the lung immune cells of patients full of pneumonia because of code and also compared them with other types.

Experts say the drug will soon be tested to treat the condition, which could reduce the immune system’s inflammatory response, resulting in lung repair, like pneumonia. Adverse effects on the lungs are prevented.

On the opposite hand, a study conducted in an urban center, a city administered by China, has revealed that bacteria within the stomach may have a possible effect on the duration, severity, and response of a patient plagued by a coronavirus. Medical researchers have also been surprised.

According to research, corona causes a decrease in the number of bacteria within the patient’s stomach and this process continues for 30 days even after recovery from the disease. Bacteria found within the stomach usually digest food. Helps but has different effects on Covid 19 patients.

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