Drink Juice Of Spinach And Bitter Gourd To Control Sugar

According To The Details, In The Last Few Years, Diabetes Has Become A Common Disease All Over The World.
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According To A Who Report, 422 Million People Worldwide Were Diagnosed With Diabetes In 2014. This Disease Occurs When The Body Is Unable To Dissolve The Sugar (Glucose) Inside It And Add It To The Blood.
It Should Be Noted That About One And A Half To Two Lakh People Become Disabled Due To Diabetes In Pakistan Every Year. According To A Recent Study, One Out Of Every Four People In Pakistan Suffers From Diabetes And This Number Is Increasing Rapidly.

How To Control Sugar?

Health Experts Say In A New Study That Spinach And Bitter Gourd Juice Is The Best Way To Control Sugar. In This Regard, Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood Says That Eating Bitter Gourd Triggers A Chemical Reaction In The Body Which Helps In Lowering Blood Glucose Levels And Controlling Insulin Levels.
 Spinach Is One Of The Few Vegetables That Can Help Reduce The Risk Of Developing Diabetes. It Should Be Noted That People Who Consume A Small Amount Of Spinach Daily Have A 14% Lower Risk Of Diabetes Than Other People.
  This Vegetable Contains Vitamin K, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, And Other Minerals Which Are Also Beneficial For General Health.
How To Make Spinach And Bitter Gourd Juice?
Spinach And Bitter Gourd Juice Are Very Difficult To Drink Because It Tastes Very Bad, But If A Few Drops Of Lemon And Pepper Are Added To It, It Tastes Good And Can Be Drunk Easily.
To Make Spinach And Bitter Gourd Juice, First Chop Some Spinach Leaves Finely, Then Boil Them. In The Same Way, Take A Bitter Gourd, Take It Out, Cut It Finely And Add Finely Chopped Ginger.
However, Put All The Ingredients Together In A Blender And Grind Well And Add A Few Drops Of Lemon, Pepper, And Use.

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