Interact With Friends Stay healthy

 Interact With Friends (Or Peoples) Stay healthy

Pittsburgh: American Experts Say That People Who Participate More In Social Activities And Socialize With Friends, Etc., Their Brains Remain Healthy Even In Old Age.

Interact With Friends Stay healthy

The Study, Led By Dr. Cynthia Felix At The University Of Pittsburgh School Of Public Health, Involved 300 American Volunteers With An Average Age Of About 83 Years.

How Healthy Were The Minds Of These Elders? To Find Out, Cynthia And Her Colleagues Used Mri And Other Sensitive Instruments To Examine The Brain Parts Of All-Volunteer Elders That Are Directly Related To Memory And Analysis. These parts of the brain are collectively called “gray matter”, while gray matter itself contains vital nerve cells and other protective substances.

After brain studies, experts found that older people who were sociable and more socially active had better gray matter in their brains and more live and active nerve cells.In contrast, this part of the brain was significantly weaker in the elderly who were isolated and abandoned, while the number of living nerve cells was also very low.

Brain cells die slowly throughout life, but as they age, they begin to die faster, resulting in a variety of mental and neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and dementia. Some patients may also have a stroke for this reason.Dr. Cynthia says that if you have only one friend in old age with whom you can spend time and share your joys and sorrows, it has a great effect on mental health.

Although this study is very limited, the results obtained need to be further strengthened, but in Dr. Cynthia’s opinion, “increasing interaction and being socially active is not useless advice at all. Can be obtained. “

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7 Ways to Easily Interact With New People

1. Smile
This Sounds Very Simplistic But If You Get Used To Smiling At Everyone You Come Into Contact With, It Makes You Appear So Much More Welcoming And Open To Engage In Conversation. If You Smile At The People You Meet, It Is Much More Likely That They Will Start Chatting To You.
2. Make Eye Contact
If You Feel Shy Around New People, You May Find Yourself Avoiding Eye Contact. It Can Feel Too Intense And A Bit Intimidating. Looking Someone In The Eyes Makes You Appear More Friendly, And Confident. It Helps You Understand What The Other Person Is Thinking And Feeling. It Also Ensures You Are Putting Your Focus On The Other Person, Which Means You Come Across As More Engaging.

3. Display Positive Body Language
Notice Your Body Language. Do You Appear Welcoming? Do You Look Like You Are Open To Being Approached And For People To Start A Conversation Or Are You Closed Off To Interactions With Others? The More Positive And Open Body Language You Display The More You Will Attract Others To Initiate A Conversation With You.
4. Make Observations
In Order To Make The First Move When Interacting With New People, Try Making An Observation About The Situation You Are Currently In. You Can Comment On Whether It Is Busy Or Quiet, The Weather, The Music, The Beauty Of The Place You Are Located, Literally Anything You Can Think Of That Will Break The Ice. This Can Be A Really Good Conversation Starter.
5. Ask Great Questions
Most People Love To Talk About Themselves. Have A List Of Great Questions Up Your Sleeve That You Can Ask, To Find Out More About Them And To Get A Conversation Started. Make It All About Them. Ask Open-ended Questions To Find Out As Much As You Can About The Other Person, Encouraging Them To Talk At Length As Opposed To Being Limited By A Shorter Answer.
6. Listen Intently
We Often Listen With Intention Rather Than Actively Listening. We Might Listen With The Intention To Ask The Next Question Or Give Our View On What Is Being Said. Try Listening With Such Deep Interest That You Have No Other Motive Than To Purely Just Hear What The Other Person Is Saying. Let Them Carry On Speaking Until They Have Completely Finished What Is On Their Mind. Great Listening Skills Take Some Practice To Master, But Once You Are A Great Listener It Will Make You Much Better Equipped To Interact With Others, As People Love Feeling Listened To.
7. Embrace Rejection
The Feeling Of Being Rejected Is One Of The Worst Feelings We Can Experience. If We Feel That Our Presence Is Not Wanted Or We Are Not Welcome, It Can Cause Us To Feel Hurt. When The Rejection Is From A Stranger That We Have Only Just Met, There Are A Couple Of Ways To Deal With It. The First Is To Conclude That It Isn’t Personal. Most People Are Happy Meeting New People, But Some Aren’t, We Can’t Change That, We Can Just Accept It. The Second Is To Learn From It. Not Every Interaction We Have With A New Person Will Go Well. Don’t Sweat It If It Doesn’t, Just Identify What Went Wrong And Keep Practicing.

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