5 Top health risk of using Smartphones that could endanger your life

5 Top health risk of using Smartphones that could endanger your life

Phones which play a major role and helping us in our personal life’s, growing our business and organization as well as making it easy for communication and other productive uses for human has turn round to endanger our life’s and poise more dreadful threat to our life’s.

5 Top health risk of using Smartphones

Most of the health problems and diseases people face today are due to the improper use of smartphones, Tv screens, computers, etc. find details of the health risk of smartphones below. 

1: Beware of the Blue light

Blue light may contribute to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other many health conditions. Minimize your exposure to unnecessary light, including smartphone screens, after dark. If the use of a smartphone is necessary please turn on your smartphone’s dark mode.

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2: Arthritis and Texting

Excessive smartphone use may be associated with increased symptoms of thumb arthritis. The condition includes tenderness and pain at the base of the thumb. Gripping your phone and texting with your thumb may make the pain worse. There is no known cure for arthritis. But rest, pain killer medications, and wearing a splint may help relieve symptoms. Although there are many types of arthritis, the most common type of arthritis that affects the base of the thumb is degenerative, “wear-and-tear” arthritis. This is also known as osteoarthritis.

3: Pulls at Your Posture

When you’re standing up straight, you put very little pressure on your neck and back which are charged with the task of keeping your head up. The average human head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, but for every bit, you move it forward, like when you look down at your smartphone, the pressure on your neck and back increases dramatically. Moving your head only 15 degrees forward can create as much as 27 pounds of pressure. The further you move it forward, and down, the more pressure it adds. So if you’re holding your smartphone relatively close to your body, you could be applying as much as 60 pounds of pressure on your neck every time you look down to send a text or an e-mail. 

This added stress on the back and neck causes “wear and tear” on the discs that hold you upright. As a result, posture problems arise and it can lead to back problems. People with poor posture also tend to experience more headaches and neurological problems, while having a higher risk of heart disease. All of these are very important things to think about when using your smartphone because there’s a good chance you’ll never hold it up at eye level.

To help improve your posture, think about your viewing angle with your smartphone and try to bend your neck as little as possible. Practice standing up straight with your scapula retracted (imagine that you are squeezing a stick, using your shoulder blades); this will allow you to draw a straight line from your ears to your ankles.

4: Sabotages Sleep

It’s sad to say, but most people probably sleep closer to their smartphones than they do their partners every night! Having a smartphone in the bedroom can cause some pretty big health problems when it comes to sabotaging your sleep.

When you look at the bright lights of your smartphone screen before bed, the lights signal to your brain that it’s not the time for sleep. In turn, your body might stop, or limit its production of melatonin (the sleep hormone), and you’ll find yourself lying awake. Sleepless nights can lead to groggy mornings, general tiredness, and fatigue. This can create added stress, increase the risk for cardiovascular disease, and make you more prone to random injury.

Aside from the impacts of looking at your smartphone lights before bed, they can also damage your eyes when you look at them in the dark. The blue lights on many of these devices may lead to conditions like macular degeneration (an eye disease that causes vision loss) and cataracts.

To solve these problems, designate your bedroom a “smartphone-free” zone and don’t look at your phone an hour before bedtime. If you typically use your phone as an alarm clock, either replace it with a traditional alarm clock or set it to “sleep mode” overnight.

5: Smartphones are dirty

Think about all of the places you have used, placed, and dropped your smartphone. How often do you clean your smartphone? Have you ever think?

Unfortunately, healthcare workers have used, placed, and dropped their smartphones in many of the same places as you. And while one might hope that healthcare workers, mindful of the dangers of bacteria and infections, would keep their smartphones as sterile as possible, that’s far from the case.

As a Slate article notes, “… 90% of healthcare personnel never clean their devices. In a day’s work, a nurse or doctor’s phone can be splashed, splattered, or smeared with wound drainage, blood, or god-knows-what other bodily dreck. Handling the device can transfer bacteria to the ears, nostrils, and hands.”

The use of smartphones can undoubtedly improve a patient’s healthcare. But they can also harm it.

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