why mail tracking is important to your business?

why mail tracking is important

 Smart Mail Tracking

Know Exactly & Briefly When Your Mail is Delivered!

Mail marketing performance and importance of the tracking are crucial or key to success.

Smart Mail Tracking Our goal is to require the strain out of mailing. Our smart mail tracking software predicts the day your postcards should arrive, so you’ll prepare beforehand . Then, its generates a report that tells you when your mail arrived and what percentage was successfully delivered. Pretty sweet, but why bother? Let’s see…

What is email tracking?

Email tracking is a process of tracking & sent emails and using that data to tell or inform business decisions. Most email tracking tools capture data on open rates, times, and locations, also as well as click-throughs on links and attachments.

Mail Tracking helps you:

  • Optimal staffing and inventory decisions
  • Prepare to form the foremost of each lead you get
  • Trace responses more accurately

According to the survey 99% of bulk emails, like newsletters, are tracked. Why? Because email tracking helps businesses learn what content elicits a response from their customers. Gathering data like clicks, time spent on an internet site , or whether you purchase something after opening that newsletter is all incredibly valuable.

The importance of email tracking is within the data it yields.

Why You Should Use an Smart Mail Tracker? 

Using an smart mail tracker, professionals in a huge range of fields can harness a dynamic, powerful tool that gives them insight and shines a light on something they always assumed would stay in the dark.

Understanding your click-through rate is important for determining the standards & quality of your email body copy. If your content isn’t interesting, relevant, valuable, and action-driven, your subscribers won’t feel compelled to require action. 4% is average across all industries. Just remember or keep in mind that your click-through rate is also largely dependent on your open rate.

It’s more important to look at other metrics and sources (such as bounces and unsubscribes).

Soft bounces aren’t a major problems. According to the research & rules 2% bounce rate is nothing to worry about. These usually indicate a full mailbox or overloaded email client on your subscriber’s end. If you’re seeing too many soft bounces, break your email list up into segments and send mails at different times.

Hard bounces can penalize damage your sending IP address reputation and need to be removed immediately or instantly. These indicate an incorrect or deleted mail address.

Although it’s important to watch or monitor your unsubscribe rate, don’t concern yourself with a few unsubscribes here and there. If your unsubscribe rate creeps up past 0.5% or 1%, you ought to carefully consider your content, its quality, and what your subscribers expect from you.

But what are those dynamic powers? There are numbers of benefits to mail tracking, but as serial trackers and mail experts. We’re summation the highest 3 ways in which using an email tracker are often a game-changer for professionals who work in internal communications.

Benefits of Mail Tracking

  • Mail Tracking Saves your Valuable time
  • Email tracking provides you context
  • Email tracking provides you insights

If you’re ready to see & track more from your email marketing efforts, vudaily.com can helps you.

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