Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan

 LAKES of Pakistan 🌈

Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan
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1. Lalusar, the lake is located in, Kaghan,. 

2. keenjher lake is located near, Thatta Sindh,.

3. Hamune lake, is located in Baluchistan.

4. Phander lake is located in N.W.F.P.

5. Manchhar lake is located near Dadu Sindh.

6. Saif-ul-Maluk lake is located in Kaghan.

7. The largest lake, of Pakistan, is Manchhar.

8. Hina lake is located near Quetta.

9. Kalar kahar, the lake is located in the Salt Range.(Chakwal Punjab)

10. Hub lake is located near Karachi Sindh.

11. Haleji lake is located in Sindh. (Paradise of birds)

12. Kachura lake is located is situated in Skardu.

13. Sat Para lake, is located near Baltistan.

14. Rawal lake is located in Islamabad.

15. Keenjhar is the largest lake in Pakistan.

16. Manchar is the largest freshwater lake.

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