Apple Ready To Introduce Its Search Engine | Apple Search Engine

 Apple Is Preparing To Build Its Own Search Engine As An Alternative To Google.

Apple Search Engine

Apple Search Engine

Recently, A News Agency Reported That Apple Has Been Working For A Long Time To Distance Itself From Google. In A little-noticed Change To The Latest Version Of The iPhone Operating System, Ios 14, Apple Has Begun To Show Its Own Search Results And Link Directly To Websites When Users Type Queries From Its Home Screen.

 Apple Is Said To Be Working On Its Own Apple Search Engine To Replace Google. As Of Now, Google Pays Apple Between $10b And $12b A Year To Be The Main Search Provider On Apple Devices, But That Deal Will Soon Expire And A Reported Antitrust Case Against Google By The Us Department Of Justice Could Prevent Its Extension.

Search Marketing Experts Also Point To Increased Activity From Applebot, The iPhone Maker’s once-obscure Web Crawler, Which Is Used To Build The Vast Database Of Online Material That Forms The Foundation Of Any Search Engine.

The Company’s Apple Boot First Appeared In 2014 And Gradually Reached The Web, While On The Home Screen Head Of Ios 14, Apple Completely Bypassed Google By Direct Linking To Websites.

Apple Hired John Giannandera, Head Of Google’s Artificial Intelligence Suspect, Three Years Ago And Is Now Apple’s Senior Vice President Of Machine Learning And Ai Street.

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