Memory can be improved by playing video games | New research From Barcelona

 Memory Can Be Improved By Playing Video Games

A New Study Has Found That Children Who Play Video Games At An Early Age Can Have Better Memory For Many Years To Come, And This Memory Can Help Them Do Certain Things Better.
Memory Can Be Improved By Playing Video Games

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Video Games Have Long Been Debated Between Experts And The Public. Parents Believe That Children Play Video Games In Front Of The Screen For Hours, Thus Becoming Useless And Lazy. While This May Be True, It Has Now Been Shown That Playing Video Games Can Improve Memory.
Experts From The University Of Oberta In Barcelona, Spain, Gave Participants A Special Game Called “Super Mario 64” To Play. It Is Said That This Game Can Cause Some Structural Changes In The Brain Which Are Related To Certain Functions And Places (Special) Memory. The New Research Also Found That People Who Played The Game Had Better Working Memory Than Those Who Did Not. It Also Found That Playing Video Games Had A Positive Effect On Attention And Mental Ability.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

The Study Used A Special Technique Called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) To Determine The Effects Of The Game. The Technology Is Used To Read Human Mode. It Was Approved By The Fda In 2008 For The Treatment Of Depression.
So Far, There Have Been More Than 60 Reports That Tms Improves Mental Capacity And Memory, But Only For A Short Period Of Time. Then The Experts Came Up With The Idea Of Whether It Is Possible That Both Video Game Training And Tms Improve Mental Capacity Or If One Of The Methods Can Be Seen.

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For This Process, 27 Healthy People Were Recruited With An Average Age Of 29 Years. He Was Given Ten Video Game Sessions. That Is, Super Mario 64 Was Given To Play For One And A Half Hours Every Day For Ten Days.
Each Time Doctors Examined The Prefrontal Cortex Via Tms, Which Plays An Important Role In Complex Brain Functions, Including Memory. Experts Also Examined The Brain 15 Days After The End Of All Sessions. They Examined Brain Functions, Reaction Time, Practical Memory, Attention Span, Visual And Spatial Information, And Problem-solving Ability.


The Effects Of Playing Video Games Lingered On For Days. Similarly, Another Study Found That People Who Played Video Games As A Boyhood Have A Very Good Memory Even After Many Years.

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