COVID-19 research, Researchers Founds new discoveries


 COVID-19 research, Researchers Founds new discoveries 

In A New Study Of The Global Epidemic In The United States, Experts Have Discovered Auto-antibodies That Attack The Immune System Instead Of Fighting The Virus.
COVID-19 research, Researchers Founds new discoveries

According To A Study By Harvard Hoys Medical Institute In The United States, At Least 10 Percent Of The COVID-19 Patients In The Study Were Found To Develop Auto-antibodies That Attack The Immune System Instead Of Fighting The Virus. Is. The Study Was Published In The Journal Science.
According To The Report, At Least 3 And A Half Percent Of Critically Ill Patients In The Study Showed Mutations In Genes That Are Part Of The Antiviral Defense. Antibodies Found In 10% Of Patients Block The Immune System. According To Research, These Antibodies Are Not Seen In Patients With Mild Or Moderate Effects From Code 19, On The Basis Of Which Experts Said That The Severity Of Symptoms In People With Coronary Heart Disease Can Be Mild To Moderate And In Patients With Fatal Infections. This Can Be Gauged From The Weakening Of The Immune System Several Weeks Ago.

Scientists Say The Discovery Of Harmful Antibodies In 101 Of The 987 Patients In The Study Was A Startling Observation, With The Results Helping To Explain For The First Time Why The End Code Is So Serious In Some People. While Most People Do Not Care About The Virus.

Researchers Say That If A Person Is Diagnosed With A Deadly Virus, He Or She Must Have An Auto-antibody Test, Which Can Remove These Antibodies From The Bloodstream And Reduce The Severity Of The Deadly Effects. The Researchers Scanned The Genomes Of Patients During The Study, Specifically The Sets Of 13 Genes That Affect The Immune System Against Influenza. In Healthy Individuals, The Molecules Of These Genes Act As The Body’s Immune System. , Identifying Viruses And Bacteria And Sounding The Alarm To Activate Other Immune Systems.

After Considering The Above Steps And Other Factors, The Scientists Found Auto-antibodies In About 10% Of The Patients And These Were The Patients Who Were Considered To Be Mildly Ill, Not In The Seriously Ill People.

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