Boost your rankings with these 10 SEO hacks

Many SEO experts advising you on optimizing your website for Google focus on just a few things, mainly the use of keywords in web pages. But here are some website/blog problems and errors/issues that cause search engines to have a poor opinion for your website/blog, and by fixing these harmful issues/errors, you can boost your SEO significantly higher:

Boost your rankings with these 10 SEO hacks

1: Broken internal links. 

An internal link is a hyperlink on one of your site pages that clicks to another page on the site. Not only do broken internal links frustrate visitors, but they cause search engines to rank your site lower. 

2: Broken external links. 

Links from your site that do not work to other sites or pages can lower your search engine ranking. 

3: Duplicate content. 

Duplication of page titles or a copy may ultimately cause the search engine to ban both pages from search results. In particular, duplicate title tags can also confuse search engines. H1 tags and the HTML title on pages should not be unnecessary but should use different wording.

4: Site map errors.

 An error in site map code may make it impossible for search engine crawlers to find certain pages. 

5: Missing alt tags.

Without an alt tag to define the purpose of an image, the search algorithms may find the whole page less relevant.

6: Pages Speed.

Pages that take more than 7 seconds to load can hurt your search engine ranking. 

7: Missing meta description tags.

Both users and search engines use description tags to understand the content and value of pages. So don’t miss meta description tags

8: Low word count.

Text length on web pages should be 200 words or more. Fewer make it difficult for search engines to assign the page a topic and index it.

9: Keywords.

Judiciously use keywords on pages while maintaining a natural conversational tone. Overuse of keywords that render the page awkward to read can depress the page ranking. 

10: The title too short.

Pages with titles of less than 10 characters may not show up in search results for different keywords.

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