Apple Self Healing Display Phone Screen

Self  Healing Display | Apple Working on New Technology

A Patent Application From Us Technology Company Apple Has Surfaced Proposing A Self-healing Screen. The Request Was Made In January Of This Year But Has Now Been Published By The Us Patent And Trademark Office.
Apple Self Healing Display Phone Screen

Scratches On The Screen Of A Mobile Phone Can Confuse The Mobile User, But Now In The Future, There May Be Mobile Phones Whose Scratches On The Screen Will Disappear Automatically. The Patent Application States That Scratches On The Screen Of Apple’s Foldable Phones Are A Big Problem Because It Accumulates Dust.
The Technology Proposed By Apple Will Use A Flexible Material In Foldable Phones That Will Return To Its Original State After Opening The Phone. It will contain a self-healing material that will return to its original state when heated and the scratches on it will disappear. The Concept Of Self-healing Smartphones Has Been Tried And Tested By Lg Before But It Didn’t Go As Planned. The Lg G Flex From 2013 Was Supposed To Repair Minor Scrapes And Scratches On Its Rear Cover But It Did Not Do Well During Live Testing.
There will be a schedule for heating this layer at the top of the screen, which is usually the time for charging the mobile phone, at which time this layer will automatically heat up. Apple has hinted at using the technology in phones, laptops, tablets, and watches.

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